Do you ship to Canada?
Yes. At the moment, due to international laws we do not ship to any other country.
Will I get "high" if I apply CBD to my skin?
No. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make you high.
How long does it to see results?
It varies person-to-person and depends on the issue.

Because CBD is a gentler and more natural approach, be patient. Think of CBD as vitamin…you wouldn’t take one multivitamin and expect to see results right away. It works best if you be consistent.

Are your products organic?
Yes! All of our products are All-Natural, Non-GMO and Organic.
What is a salve?
Salve is another name for a healing ointment or a protectant for your skin.
Will your products work for my skin type?
We are confident that our formulations are safe for all skin types. Since we only use natural, organic ingredients, it should feel moisturizing and nourishing when applied.

You can always adjust the amount of product you use to suit your needs. A little goes a long way…




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