A story of healing

who we are?

We are two siblings on a mission to bring the power of CBD to you. Throughout our childhood, we both suffered with skin issues – most prevalent was eczema which our doctors stated we would eventually grow out of in adulthood. Well, that didn’t happen!

Tired of the steroid creams and ointments prescribed by our doctors, we decided to take a more natural approach to healing by utilizing the power of plants. In time, we learned about the power of CBD for the skin and were amazed by its potential to calm, heal and nourish our largest organ. We noticed the steroid creams were thinning our already scarred skin, making our hands look aged beyond our years. So we embarked on the journey of experimenting with our own formulations adding CBD derived from cannabis. Before we knew it, our skin looked and felt better than ever.

Now we have the pleasure of offering our formulations to you so you can experience the calming power of CBD.

heal with the power of nature’s flower




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